Our Sweet Heart contains:

Heart Sweets

Rainbow Belts


Rainbow Pencils 

Rainbow Nerds 

Strawberry Flavour Jazzle Heart 

On our 100% finest Belgian milk or white chocolate base

Please note:

Products may vary as they are handmade to order.

Sweet Heart Milk/White

  • Please note: 

    Our products are not suitable for anyone with any food allergies. 

    Some bars contain small products that may not be suitable for younger children.

    Explosion Bar measurements:

    Standard Explosion bar 14.5cm x 6.5cm

    Large Explosion bar 15cm x 15cm

    Extra Large Explosion bar 18cm x 18cm 

    Heart Explosion bar 13.5cm x 12cm

    Our Explosion bars differ in weight depending on which toppings you choose, the weights given are an overall average

    Standard Explosion Bar: 150g

    Large Explosion Bar: 330g

    Extra Large Explosion Bar: 560g

    Heart Explosion Bar: 160g