We are an independent in house chocolate shop. During the pandemic we have been busy making explosive treats to send to loved ones. We developed such a love for the creative process and products; we have decided to share them with all of you. 

We all need a bit more love and chocolate in our lives!


Our bars 

Our explosion bars are handmade in our hygiene certified kitchen. We use only the finest Belgian chocolate which is tempered to give brilliant shine and snap! We then top the chocolate with well known quality products of your choice for one big chocolate explosion! We aim wherever possible to make our Explosions suitable for vegetarians and with ethically sourced products. 


Our chocolate

As part of Cocoa Horizons you can enjoy our chocolate guilt free!

Cocoa Horizons program:

  • Pays a farmer premium to empower local cocoa communities.

  • Collaborates directly with cocoa farmers. 

  • Ensures 100% sustainable farming.

  • Traceable cocoa bean production.

Visit their website to find out more, 


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